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Choose the Right Solution for Your Firm

We enable small- to medium-size accounting firms to provide virtual tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and audit services to clients. Whether you are looking for ways to scale your growing business or decrease overhead in your maturing business, we can help. Upon joining HWAA, members choose from one of three membership levels that will allow them to operate their businesses from anywhere in the world with internet access. We also offer Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Services to both members and nonmembers.

Select membership level

Member (Tier 1)

Basic set-up and access to member portal:

At this level, members are getting familiar with the basics of HWAAÔÇÖs paperless environment and how it will benefit their firm.

  • Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of a paperless office
  • Create and maintain client portal
  • Enhance cloud computing capability


$ 150.00 / year

Prestige (Tier 2)

Basic set-up and expanded access to most applications:

At this level, members are able to integrate the HWAA process into their daily business practices to experience first-hand the benefit of a virtual environment.

Includes all Member (Tier 1) benefits plus:

  • Enjoy cost sharing of accounting, auditing and tax software
  • Reduce office overhead via a virtual office environment
  • Gain access to a 24/7 back office support team
  • Obtain low cost cloud-based bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation
  • Operate your business from anywhere in the world


$ 175.00 / month

Elite (Tier 3)

Basic set-up and full access to HWAA membership services:

At this premium level, members have full access to HWAA applications and services, including 24/7 support. They are able to completely integrate membership services into their pra

Includes all Member (Tier 1) and Prestige (Tier 2) benefits plus:

  • Create and maintain online client database and CRM
  • Create and maintain an online team site
  • Gain access to a highly skilled, low cost audit team with over 30 years experience (additional charges will apply)
  • Create capacity to do larger projects
  • Enhance your ability to pursue, bid and complete multi-million dollar projects
  • Create a cloud-based practice management site
  • Create workflows and notifications

ctices, with the ability to expand their businesses market share, while decreasing operational costs.


$ 425.00 / month