3 Tips for Surviving the Rest of the Busy Season

We have less than a month until the end of the busy season, but there is still plenty of work to be done. Stay on task and get through the last few weeks with these quick tips to survive the rest of the busy season.

1. Make sure your start the day off right—EAT. All too often we will forgo breakfast to get a jump on the day’s tasks.  Not eating can lead to things as simple as a grumpier you. It can also cause poor performance—ergo increased potential for mistakes. That’s no bueno.

2. No matter how busy the busy season gets, be sure to schedule in some down time. When it’s crunch time and we’re trying find as much time in the day to get things completed, it’s easy to sacrifice those few precious minutes of “me time”. DON’T! This time of year is already stressful and we all need time to de-stress and decompress. Whether it’s taking regularly scheduled breaks throughout the day or logging off the computer early enough to hit the gym after work, give yourself that time. Your body and mind will thank you.

3. Go to bed! Seriously, we mean it. The amount of sleep we need each night differs by person, but a good rule of thumb is six to eight hours a night for the average adult. Of course, there will be those nights when burning the midnight oil can’t be avoided, but don’t make it a habit. Adequate sleep is important to your health, performance and relationships. Seriously, who wants to be around a sleep deprived, grumpy you?

We are almost to the finish line, but if you want to survive the rest of the busy season, you have to take care of you.